We had 3 passes in this evening.
The electric outage because of maintenance of our building was restored by arround 4:00 in the evening.
In every passes we checked the battery voltage by CW and operated FM packet downlink.

1st pass:The battery voltage was 4.15[V]
The reception was bad. So we got little FM packet data.

2nd pass:The battery voltage was
The reception wasn't good. We could receive a little data.

3rd pass:The battery voltage was
The reception in 3rd pass was better than 1st and 2nd pass.
And we could get a lot of data.

TLE was updated.
The latest TLE is:
1 32791U 08021J 08226.74235374 .00000357 00000-0 52623-4 0 1153
2 32791 097.9873 286.4740 0015370 312.0168 047.9735 14.81302494 15899

Thank you.