June 7-9, 2017: ISTS
ISTS was held in Matsuyama, Japan. The following 7 member had the presentations. Sugano and Koshiro Yamaguchi won the third place in the Control Contest.
  • Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim, Application of Design Structure Matrix (DSM) to Nano-satellite Systems Design and Management
  • Masahiko Yamazaki, Data Driven Model Reduction for Spin-type Membrane Space Structure
  • Shoji Kawazoe, Estimation Method of Missing Components for Spin Deployable Membrane Dynamics
  • Daishi Kawarabayasi, Concept of Large Space Structure Using Three-Dimensional Self-Deployable Truss
  • Tomohiro Suzuki, Similarity Rule of Deployment Behavior for Spin Deployment Membrane
  • Momoko Fukunaga, Structural Characteristics of BCON Truss
You can see the detail at our laboratory weblog.