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December 4, 2017 Kousaka, Kawarabayashi, and Fukunaga won the first place of Debris Mitigation Competiton.
November 24, 2017 We had the wrap up party of the college festival
November 18, 2017 NEXUS team held the design review (briefing) of the mission system of NEXUS.
November 5-, 2017 The NEXUS teams is developing the engineering model of NEXUS.
November 3-5, 2017 We opened a store of flied chicken and flied potato in the college festival.
October 25-27, 2017 The 61st JSASS Space Sciences and Technology Conference was held in Niigata, Japan. Kikuchi presented his research "Construction of Autonomous Operation System of Nano-Satellite". Fukunagaga presented her research "Improvement of Deployment Behaviour of Self-Deployable Truss" in the student session. Miyazaki presented the paper "Development Status of Rado Amateur Satellite NEXUS". Fukunaga received the JSASS Excellent Presentation Awards for Students.
October 20, 2017 We had the welcome party for 12 new members of our laboratory.
October 3-4, 2017 We had the anual laboratory trip.
September 20, 2017 The review meeting of NEXUS was held in our campus.
September 12-14, 2017 The experimental class "Flight Analysis of Glider-towing" was held, and Mr. Kikuchi made a short movie of this experiment.
September 7-16, 2017 CLTP8 was held in our campus.
August 27-29, 2017 CanSat Koshien was held in our College.
August 23, 2017 CESS held a workshop on 3D printer and laser cutting machine.
August 17, 2017 NEXUS team conducted the radiation test of electric components that will be used for NEXUS.
August 5-6, 2017 The Open Campus was held in Funabashi Campus.
August 3-5, 2017 The JSASS Structure Conference was held in Fului. Kousaka had the presentation on his research "Trial study on Self-Deployable Truss Structure using Bi-convex booms".
July 29, 2017 Prof. Khalil left our laboratory and went back to Egypt.
July 27, 2017 We held the farewell party of Prof. Khalil.
July 23, 2017 The CanSat-Koshien was held in the Futawa Ground of Nihon University College of Science and Technology. Fukunaga, Shitara, and Yamada joined the preparation in the previous day. Kawarabayashi, Kikuchi, Sugano, and Koshiro Yamaguchi joined the drop test of CanSats.
July 12, 2017 We started the construction of new ground station including the antenna tower for our new CubeSat "NEXUS".
June 28, 2017 The students of Nihon University Narashino highschool came to our department and made the department tour. Fukunaga and Makoto Suzuki introduced our laboratory and the ground station.
June 23, 2017 We held the welcome party for fresh students joined CESS (Research group for cutting-edge space systems) and Satellite Lab.
June 11,2017 The open college for the students of the high schools attached to our university was held at Surugadai#1 building. Kikuchi, Kousaka, Shibayama, and Makoto Suzuki participated as the staff.
June 7-9,2017 ISTS was held in Matsuyama, Japan. 7 member had the presentations.
June 6,2017 CESS team had the workshop on programming several times
May 28,2017 We had been testing the performance of the antenna of NEXUS.
May,2017 We were trying to deploy a 15m-sized self-deployable truss
May 9,2017 We had the system safty review of NEXUS at Tsukuba Space Center.
April 18,2017 Deployment test of 5m-sized self-deployable truss with triangular membrane
March 25,2017 The graduation ceremony was held at Budokan, and the Diplom was confered in Surugaadi#1 building.
February 24,2017 The final presentation for graduation thesis was held.
February 22,2017 The progress report session of master's thesis was held.
February 20,2017 The final presentation for master's thesis was held.
February 19,2017 The kick-off meeting of NEXUS project was held with JAMSAT member.
January 9-13,2017 Prof. Yamazaki, Mr. Tada, Mr. Tatematsu, and Mr. Tamura presented their research on "Data Driven Model for Efficient Prediction and Estimation of Spin Type Membrane Space Structure Dynamics", "Membrane Deployment de-orbit System by convex tapes", "Verification of the Similarity Rules for Spin Deployment Membrane in the ground experiment ", and "Deployment Dynamics of Selfdeployable Truss Structure Consisting of Bi-convex Booms", respectively, at SciTech.
December 21-22,2016 Space Engineering Conference (SEC) was held in Yamaguchi. Sugano, Fukunaga, and Yamaguchi (B4) had the presentations.
December 20, 2016 We held the year-end party.
December 16, 2016 Prof. Yamazaki and laboratory member held the ARM workshop using HEPTA-Sat.
November 27, 2016 We held thepreliminary design review (PDR) of NEXUS.
November 5, 2016 We held the almuni party for our laboratory graduates.
October 28, 2016 We held the welcome party for B3 students.
October 17-23, 2016 Nano-satellite symposium (NSAT), Deorbit Device Competition (DDC), Mission Idea Contest, and UNISEC-Global Meeting were held at Varna, Bulgaria. Suzuki (M1) had the presentation at NSAT, and Tada (M2) had the presentation at DDC. Tada won the first place of the competition!
October 4, 2016 We celebrated the birthday of Khalil-sensei.
September 17, 2016 NEXUS team has an open meeting for the preliminary design of NEXUS.
August 29, 2016 We had the anual laboratory trip to Atami, Hakone, and Yokohama for three days.
August 10, 2016 The 8th Asian Conference on Multibody Dynamics was held at Kanazawa city. Mr. Tamura (M2) anf Mr. Tatematsu had the presentation on their research "Report on Microgravity Experiments of Self-Deployable Truss Structure Consisting of BCON Booms" and "Similarity Rules for Spin Deployment Membrane", respectively. Mr. Tamura won the paper award.
August 9, 2016 We conducted the deployment experiment of a self-deployable truss structure.
August 6-7, 2016 The open campus was held at Funabashi campus.
August 1-4, 2016 Prof. Yamazaki had the hands-on training workshop using HEPTA-Sat in our campus. 5 highschool students and two teachers participated in the workshop.
July 30, 2016 Prof. Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim came to our laboratory. He will stay at our laboratory for 1 year.
July 16, 2016 The mission demonstration experiment of HEPTA-Sat projects was held at Futaw field.
July 13, 2016 The deployment experiment of JAXA's solar power sail was held at Sagamihara Sports Center.
July 10, 2016 The open campus of our college was held at Surugadai Building#1.
July 7, 2016 We held the deployment experiment of the membrane structure of OrigamiSat-1PDR in the vacuum chamber.
July 4, 2016 We held the PDR of the HEPTA-Sat projects of the sophomore students in Satellite Lab.
June 24, 2016 We held the welcome party for fresh students who have joined the Satellite Lab.
June 15, 2016 The students and teachers of several high schools in Chiba prefecture and the professors of several universities visited our campus and had a laboratory tour.
June 9, 2016 We conducted the deployment experiment of OrigamiSat-1.
June 7, 2016 The students from Saitama Omiya Technical High School visited our laboratory. We held a lecture on small satellite, and had a laboratory tour. Their activities are supported by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency)
May 18-19, 2016 We had the ΔM/SDR of the HEPTA-Sat projects by the sophomore students of the Satellite Lab.
May 15, 2016 Prof. Yamazaki have the class on pico-satellite for junior and high school students at Science Musium about once a month.
May 14, 2016 We held M/SDR of the projects by the sophomore students in Satellte Lab.
April 22, 2016 We had the annual meeting of Satellte Lab.
April 8, 2016 We had the welcome party for new laboratory members.
March 31, 2016The paper "A study of dynamic evaluation of structural buckling" is published on the web site of Mechnical Engineering Letters. The first author is Dr. Shoko Arita.
March 25, 2016 The graduation ceremony was held at Budokan, and the Diplom was confered in Surugaadi#1 building.
February 27, 2016 The final presentation on graduation thesis was held.
February 25, 2016 The progress review on Master's research was held.
February 24, 2016 The final presentation on Master's thesis was held.
January 20, 2016 We conducted the micro-gravity experiments on deployable structure.
January 9, 2016 The final presentation for Ph.D. in our college was held, and Ms. Arita had the presentation on her thesis.
December 19, 2015 We had a year-end party.
December 15, 2015The paper "Analytical solution of the bending of a bi-convex boom" was published on the web site of Mechanical Engineering Journal.
December 13, 2015English page is open.
December 11, 2015 We had a meeting for interface check of airplane microgravity experiment.
November 1, 2015 We hosted a training course of nano-satellite systems using "Hepta" for university researchers from Angola.
October 17, 2015 We went on laboratory trip to Yamanashi.
October 7, 2015 The 59th Space Science and Technology Conference was held in Kagoshima.
September 6, 2015 We held the welcome party for fresh students of Satellite Lab.
August 22-23, 2015 We participated in Ham Fair.
August 21, 2015UNISEC's proposal "Systematic Development of International Space Human Resources for Sustainable Development and Utilization of Nano-satellite" has adopted as a research subject of Coordination Funds for Promoting AeroSpace Utilization, MEXT. The project starts from the end of October. Prof. Miyazaki leads this project and Prof. Yamazaki also participates in the project.
August 3, 2015 We held the welcome party for Ms. Tao, research assistant of ORIGAMI Project.
August 1, 2015 Open day of Funabashi Campus
July 17, 2015 We celebrated the birthday of the laboratory members.
July 12, 2015 Open day of Surugadai Campus at Building #1.
July 07, 2015 Mr. Inoue, Mr. Ohinata, Mr. Maruki, and Prof. Yamazaki had the presentation on "Dynamic Characteristics of Self-Deployable Structure Consisting of Tape Springs", "Attitude Determination and Control of Nano-Satellite "SPROUT"", "Ground Experiments of Deployment of Inflatable Membrane Structure of Nano-Satellite "SPROUT"" "Dynamic Empirical Data Driven Model for Sail Membrane Dynamics Estimation" in ISTS conference, respectively.
June 23, 2015 We conducted the deployment mission of SPROUT.
June 23, 2015 We had a written test as the final step of the first stage in new student program of Satellite Lab.
June 18, 2015 The first stage of the new student program of Satellite Lab was completed, and we conducted the practical test.
June 17, 2015 Prof. Yamazaki and Prof. Miyazaki participated in RAST2015, and had the presentation entitled "Hands-on Learning of Space Systems Engineering by Using Classroom Pico-Satellite "HEPTA"" and "Space Verification of Advanced Deployable Structure by Using Nano-Satellite" respectively.
June 5, 2015 We had a meeting about the micro-gravity experiment in Nagoya.
May 31, 2015 Open day for affiliated high school studetns
May 24, 2015 One year passed from the launch of SPROUT.
May 16, 2015The web site is renewed.
May 08, 2015 The new student program of Satellite Lab started.
April 24, 2015 We held the welcome party for new laboratory members.
April 17, 2015 We had the "Satellite Lab discussion" in the first time of this fiscal year.
April 17, 2015 We had the first meeting of new laboratory members.
April 16, 2015 The video staff of the PR film of our college came to our laboratory and shot us.
April 6, 2015 We had the orientation of Satellite Lab.
April 1, 2015Prof. Yamazaki's proposal "Estimation of shape and dynamics of large membrane space structure by data-driven modeling" was adopted as a research subject of Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientist (B) of MEXT, and Prof. Miyazaki's proposal "Establishment of prediction method of dynamics of large gossamer multi-body space structures and understanding of their dynamic" as that of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) .
April 1, 2015Dr. Yamazaki was promoted as an assistant professor of our department.
March 27, 2015The SIMPLE project team won the award "Space Frontier" by the Space Engineering Division of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.
March 25, 2015Graduation ceremony
March 18-21, 2015We had the "Hepta" workshop in Ghana.

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