Let us introduce the past research projects in our laboratory including those in "Nakamura" laboratory (the research after FY2016 includes only that in Miyazaki group. The research in Yamazaki group is introduced at other web site).

We think there are three kinds of research: 1) research that costs no or little money, 2) research supported by our school fund (budget for faculty research, for undergraduate or graduate student's research projects), 3) national grant such as KAKENHI, competitive funds by foundation, and external funds for contract research. Our laboratory has grown the seeds of research by our school fund, and developed the research with the support by KAKENHI and other funds. The detail of the research by KAKENHI is shown in other page. The summary of our past research project with external funds including them is shown below:

Funded research except KAKENHI
2018-2020Sabro Matunaga (Leader), Hiroshi Furuya, Yasuyuki Miyazaki, Yoichi Yatsu, Noriyasu Hayashizaki, Yuu Kudo, Kazuyuki Nakamura, Akihito WatanabeCenter for Research and Development of Smart Space Components and Systems Creating New Space Industry (on going)Coordination Funds for Promoting AeroSpace Utilization, MEXT
2018Yasuyuki MiyazakiResearch on Components of Nano/Micro SatelliteMitsubishi Electric(contract research)
2015Yasuyuki MiyazakiOptimization of vibration suppression device for jet engine mount and evaluation of its performance WEL Research Co. Ltd.
(contract research)
2015-2017Yasuyuki Miyazaki (Leader), Mengu Cho, Shinichi Kimura, Hironori Sahara, Ryu Funase, Masahiko Yamazaki, Rei KawashimaSystematic development of international space human resources for sustainable development and utilization of nano-satelliteCoordination Funds for Promoting AeroSpace Utilization, MEXT
2015Yasuyuki MiyazakiDevelopment of sun sensor for small satelliteAstroscale
(contract research)
2015-2017Masahiko YamazakiResearch on modification and development of nano-satellite kit for STEM Japan projectJapan Science Musium
(contract research)
2014Yasuyuki MiyazakiEvaluation of performance of vibration suppression device and Optimization of its positionWEL Research Co. Ltd.
(contract research)
2014-2016Hiraku Sakamoto (Leader), Masahiko Yamazaki, Hiroshi Furuya, Yasuyuki Miyazaki, Hiroki Nakanishi, Mitsushige Oda, Akihito Watanabe, Kazuki WatanabeFormation of center for research and development of advanced deployable structure pioneering innovative space scienceCoordination Funds for Promoting AeroSpace Utilization, MEXT
2012-2014Yasuyuki Miyazaki (leader), Harunori Nagata, Shinichi Kimura, Hironori Sahara, Hiraku Sakamoto, Naohiko Kohtake, Rei KawashimaNetwork construction of human resource development for creative science and technology using CanSat and nano-satellitesCoordination Funds for Promoting AeroSpace Utilization, MEXT
2009-2013Shinichi Nakasuka (Leader), Yasuyuki Miyazaki, et al.New paradigm of space development and utilization by nano-satelliteFIRST program, Cabinet Office
2009Yasuyuki MiyazakiResearch on advanced light structure systemsJAXA (contract research) (Leader: Ken Higuchi)
2008Yasuyuki MiyazakiStructural design of membrane in large membrane space structureGrant for indivisual research, Nihon University
2007Yasuyuki MiyazakiResearch on inflatable membrane structure system for anti-debris of nano-satellitePromoted Research (C), Nihon University College of Science and Technology
2005Yasuyuki Miyazaki Dynamics model of unmanned autonomous flight system by control of para-foil using flexible multi-body dynamicsResearch Grant of the Futaba Electronics Memorial Foundation
2001Yoshitaka Nakamura, Yasuyuki MiyazakiDynamics of nano-satellite with large membrane structureResearch Grant for General Joint Research, Nihon University
2000-2003Department of Aerospace Engineering (Yasuyuki Miyazaki, et al.)Comprehensive engineering and education of creative design and manufacturing through development of nano-satelliteGrant for private university, MEXT
2000Yasuyuki MiyazakiBehavior of inflatable structure under micro-gravity environmentResearch Grant of Nihon University College of Science and Technology
2018-2020Yasuyuki Miyazaki (Leader),
Michihiro Natori, Naoko Kishimoto, Kosei Ishimura, Daisuke Jodoi
S.R.(A)Establishment of Construction Theory of Large GOssamer Space Structure System and Quest for Feasible Construction Senario (on going)
2017-2019Saburo Matunaga (Leader),
Hiroshi Furuya, Yasuyuki Miyazaki, Youichi Yatsu, Hiroki Nakanishi
S.R.(A)Research and Demonstration for Design and Its Advanced Attitude Control Methods of Reconfigurable Space Systems with Shape Change Function (on going)
2015-2017Masahiko YamazakiY.R.(B)Estimation of shape and dynamics of large membrane deployable space structure by data-driven modeling
2015-2017Yasuyuki MiyazakiS.R.(B)Establishment of prediction method of dynamics of large gossamer muti-body space structures and understandings of their dynamics
2013-2014Yasuyuki MiyazakiC.E.R.Realization of large space structure using extra-light high stiffness convex booms
2010-2012Yasuyuki MiyazakiS.R.(B)Solution Structure of Gossamer Multi-body Dynamics
2009-2011Saburo Matunaga (Leader),
Shinichi Nakasuka, Shinichi Kimura, Yasuyuki Miyazaki
S.R.(A)Research on Practical On-Orbit Servicing Systems Using Nano-Satellite Technologies
2007-2009Yasuyuki MiyazakiS.R.(B)Structure-preserving numerical method of gossamer multi-body dynamics
2005-2006Yasuyuki MiyazakiS.R.(C)High-precision dynamic simulation and construction of similarity rule of large membrane deployable space structure
2003-2004Yasuyuki MiyazakiS.R.(C)Estimation of deformation of gossamer space structure and improvement of its shape accuracy
2000-2002Yasuyuki MiyazakiS.R.(C)Dynamics of inflatable space structure
1998-1999Yasuyuki MiyazakiE.S.(A)Behavior of Deployable Cable/Membrane structure under slack
Y.R.: Young Researcher, S.R.: Scientific Research, C.E.R.: Challenging Exploratory Research, E.S.:Encouragement of Scientists

Example of our research (except KAKENHI)

The pastresearc projectsexcept those supported by KAKENHI is summarized in the archive page. You can see the summary of each research listed below by clicking the title of each research. You can find other research topic in the web page on bachelor thesis, master thesis, and doctoral thesis.

  1. Combined membrane structure (-FY2016)
  2. HODOYOSHI project (FY2009-FY2013)
  3. Space demonstration of space inflatable membrane pioneering long-term experiment SIMPLE (FY2007-2014)
  4. Research on inflatable membrane structure system for anti-debris of nano-satellite (around FY2007. supported by the Grant for Promoted Research (C) of Nihon University College of Science and Technology)
  5. Research on unmanned autonomous paraglider system (FY2004-FY2005, supported by a href="http://www.futaba-zaidan.org/" target="_blank">Research Grant of the Futaba Electronics Memorial Foundation)
  6. Impact analysis of Elastic bodies (FY2001 - FY2003)
  7. Research on flexible muti-body dynamics (FY2001 - FY2003)
  8. Deployment experiment of inflatable tube under micro-gravity environment (FY2000, supported by Research Grant of Nihon University College of Science and Technology)
  9. Research on shape and topology optimization (FY1994 - FY1996)
  10. Space demonstration of spin deployment of membrane by nano-satellite (FY1997)
  11. Deformation analysis of flexible beam (FY1993 - FY1998)

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