Our laboratory has hosted several seminars for undergraduate and graduate students that are expanded from the seminars in the laboratory. Based on those seminars, we started the Research Group for Cutting-Edge Space Systems (CESS) that study on future space syste in 2017. We hosts the seminars as follows now. The member of CESS can join the seminars.

Analtical Mechanics
13:20, Tuesday,
room #345
The seminar to study on Gossamer Multi-body Dynamics. The objective of the senimor is to master the Energy Momentum Method that is one of the numerical analysis method of nonlinear structural dynamics.
Starshade seminar 15:30, Every two Tuesdays,
The seminar to study on starshade, which looks ahead to the space verification mission using nano-satellites and includes the design process from the misson concept design to the system design.
CESS seminar 17:00, Eevry two Thursdays,
room #345
We hold the debriefing meeting of CESS (Research group on Cutting-Edge Space Systems).
Satellite design
18:20, Monday,
room #345
The seminor to study on the conceptual design of satellite system.
Sail seminar 10:00, Friday,
room #324
The seminar to study on the numerical method of dynamics simulation of the deployment of membrane structure and its transient motion/steady state motion after the deployment taking the 50m-sized solar power sail proposed by JAXA. Recent topics is to make the input data for the numerical analysis.
BCON seminar
(season 2)
10:30, Thursday,
room #345
The seminor to study on the analysis of self-deployable membrane truss.

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