November 2018Application of self-deployable truss to space missionWe consider using self-deployable truss for space mission, e.g. direct observation of exoplanets and active debris removal.
April 2018Starshade to search for life on terrestial planetsWe are researching on the starshade system to directly observe the exoplanets around sun-like stars, and to find the trace of extraterrestial life on them.
December 2016Self-deployable large space structureWe are researching on self-deployable structure consisting of tape springs and thin menbranes, which is applicable to large space structure.
April 2016Dynamics evaluation of structural bucklingDr. Arita got her Dr. Engineering in this March. She formulated a theory on the robustness on the deployment repeatability and proposed a novel design criteria of the deployable structure.
June 2015Micro gravity experiment by airplaneWe will condut a micro-gravity experiment in next January to investigate deployment behavior of membrane structure.
May 2015Space verification of combined membrane structureThe nano-satellite SPROUT will deploy the combined membrane in this spring.

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